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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gadgets : Google Nexus Player

Gadgets : Google Nexus Player

Google's Chromecast is a great way to beam stuff from your Android to your TV, but some people have wished for something more — something like an Android console. The Google Nexus Player is exactly that. This sleek circular black box connects to your TV via HDMI, includes a simple remote with voice search, features a powerful Intel Atom processor and fast 802.11ac wireless networking, supports a wide range of apps and games, and for the latter, even supports dedicated controls for a precise gaming experience.

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Throwback Video : Fat Joe : What's Luv?

Throwback Video : Fat Joe : What's Luv?

"What’s Luv?" is a 2001 hip hop song by American rapper Fat Joe, released as the second single from his fourth studio album Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.). The song features additional vocals from singer Ashanti, and also from rapper Ja Rule on the album version on the song. The single peaked at #4 in the United Kingdom and at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, staying on the chart for twenty weeks. It was Ashanti's second top ten single, Fat Joe's first and Ja Rule's seventh. The single helped make Ashanti the first female artist to simultaneously occupy the top two positions on the Hot 100.

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News : Kendrick Reignites Drake Beef

News : Kendrick Reignites Drake Beef

It looks like Kendrick Lamar might've reinvigorated his feud with Drake during a guest verse on Jay Rock's "Pay For It." The "i" rapper fired the first shot last summer in his controversial verse on Big Sean's "Control," calling out Drake (and pretty much the rest of the rap game), and kept things going at that year's BET Hip-Hop Awards. For his part, Drake responded in an interview at New York University by subtly dissing Lamar, saying "when it comes to competition, I'm more worried about consistency, about bodies of work."

Though things cooled down afterwards, K-Dot's "Pay For It" verse seems to indicate renewed hostilities. "Been dissecting your motormouth until I break down the engine," he raps, a reference to Drake's name for himself in "The Language." "See my opponent then, cease your existence / Endin' our friendship, baby, I'd rather die alone," he continues. Harsh words.

Earlier this month Young Money's resident shit-stirrer, Tyga, revealed that he doesn't "like Drake as a person," so yeah, it's been a rough month for Drizzy.

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Singles : Ace Hood : We Don't ft. Rich Homie Quan

Singles : Ace Hood : We Don't ft. Rich Homie Quan

Listen To : Ace Hood : We Don't

At the top of this year, Ace Hood released his mixtape, Starvation 3, but since then he remained rather quiet as far as solo music goes. That all changes today though, as Ace returns with his new single, "We Don't," featuring Rich Homie Quan. Ace and Quan are as honest as ever on this release, explaining exactly why they don't mess with certain people.

No word yet if this club-ready single will be featured on a new project from Ace, but seeing that he is one of the hardest working artists in the game, we wouldn't be surprised. Listen to the new single above.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bars : USA : WA : Seattle : Rob Roy

Bars : USA : WA : Seattle : Rob Roy

About Rob Roy
A Rob Roy is a version of a Manhattan made with Scotch. Rob Roy (1671–1734), the cocktail's namesake, was an outlaw-hero, the Scottish version of Robin Hood. The Rob Roy is a swankish '70s cocktail lounge in Belltown—the kind with stacked flagstone behind the bar, a black-leather-padded wall, low lighting, and general comfiness. Furthermore, it's run by the awesome Anu Apte (of the Washington State Bartenders Guild), and the cocktails are marvelous.

Rob Roy Review By Jacob M. : Seattle, WA
This is by far my favorite bar/lounge I've been too in Seattle.  Its probably one of my favorite in the country.  The setting is perfect for sitting and talking to your friends for hours.  The interior is perfect for any occasion whether its getting off work or taking a date out.  Music is always fitting and the staff is dressed nice(no uniforms), but not pretentious.  The reason to come here though are the drinks themselves.

The old fashion starts by selecting one of their many bourbons.  One time I got a special blend that was a small batch(upped the price a bit, but worth it).  The bartender puts a glove on, pulls out a block of ice, and saws off a single large piece that he then whittles down with a knife till it fits in your glass.  They mix the cane sugar, bourbon, orange bitters and pour it over the ice.  Topped off with real candied cherries and a zest of orange that is squeezed around the edge of the glass (the smell enhances the drink more then you'd think).

The other cocktails are great, but the old fashion is perfect.

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Pearls : Tinie Tempah

"I walk alone, because I was born alone." - Tinie Tempah

The Master Of Exhibit
Kelvin Okafor, 27, has caused a stir in the art world with a body of work known as photo-realism. His electic choice of subjects include Amy Winehouse, Tinie Tempah and Mother Teresa.

The Middlesex University fine art graduate has spent around 100 hours over just three weeks completing pencil drawingsknown as photo-realism.

Now he has more than 50 commissions under his belt and is generating a buzz at galleries he exhibits at and online.

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Gadgets : SLIDE Zipbuds

Gadgets : SLIDE Zipbuds

How do you solve the age-old problem of tangled wires? It’s never-ending and the one that annoys me the most is my earphones. They’re constantly tangled and make me want to throw them out the window. Now there’s SLIDE by Zipbuds that will take the frustration out of getting your music on when you’re on the go.

The cables easily seal together when you slide the zipper up. Kind of brilliant, right?

Besides the joy of living tangle-free, the angled earbud design is comfortable and will stay secure within your outer ear. The earbuds are dynamic sound powered by Zipbuds ZBX High Performance Drivers, which have been tested over the last two years to provide optimum sound quality.

So, if the tangles have you going crazy, get SLIDE via their Kickstarter campaign.

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