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Thursday, March 5, 2015

News : Kanye Names New Album

News : Kanye Names New Album

We now know why Kanye West has been keeping his profile so high in recent weeks, with major radio interviews on both sides of the Atlantic, plus performances at both the Brits and the Grammys, as well as on the 40th anniversary Saturday Night Live show.

The rap star this weekend too to Twitter to unveil the title and artwork of his new album, though no further details were forthcoming. He had already told the New York radio station Power 105 that his album would arrive in a “surprise” fashion. And we now know it will be called So Help Me God.

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Clubs : USA : San Antonio : TX : The Falls

Clubs : USA : San Antonio : TX : The Falls

About The Falls
The Falls Nightclub located in San Antonio, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, dominates the scene as one of the most progressive and diverse nightclubs in the city. Boasting six different bars and multiple stages throughout the club The Falls offers unparalleled entertainment for even the most of discriminating club goers.

Live music resonates throughout the Rock Room where International bands take the stage to showcase the finest musicians in Rock, Alternative, Metal, Emo, Industrial, Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Pop, and any combination thereof to bring San Antonio the most diverse selection of live concerts around.

Electronic Dance Music is exploding in popularity throughout the world, and The Falls is the premier nightclub in the San Antonio Metroplex to see the best mix of both established international artists and the newest up-and-coming talent on the verge of being global sensations. Sparing no expense, we bring artists from around the globe drawing talent from the hottest dance scenes in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Ibiza, Finland, Israel, England, and beyond. Our programming throughout the year is highlighted by The Falls Nightclub resident DJs encompassing the world’s premier electronic dance music talent.

The Falls Review By Brett H.: San Antonio, TX
"True story , you may pay a bit more here then a hole in the wall on a weekend but during the week this place has great specials. Live music like all the time and good service. Never have to wait for a drink because they have a ton of open bars with bartenders ready to make that money. The crowd varies and Thursday you can do 18+ to get in (* Weekends is 21 + ) Its one of my spots that I like around town , if I am in the mood for that type of bar ~"

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Videos : Iggy Azalea : Trouble ft. Jennifer Hudson

Videos : Iggy Azalea : Trouble ft. Jennifer Hudson

Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson teamed up to release a video for their collaboration “Trouble,” and it’s just as much fun as the track itself. The video starts off with Iggy in a car with her boyfriend, who says he’s going to get a loan from the bank. By get a loan, he actually means attempt to steal money, and Iggy is none the wiser until cop cars show up and her boyfriend gets hauled away by a police officer played by Jennifer.

Unable to be away from her lame boyfriend, Iggy helps him bust out of jail so they can be together forever. It’s a pretty standard plot, but the video is enough fun that it doesn’t matter. The lyrics, “I got it bad for him in the worst way / Dear Lord how’d I get in this position and / Shoulda never got involved in the first place,” go pretty perfectly with the video — Iggy definitely should have stayed away.

It doesn’t take long for Jennifer and her task force to catch up with Iggy and her boyfriend, because they weren’t exactly subtle when they blasted a hole into the prison cell wall. The weirdest part of the video comes from what looks like a total abandonment of the actual plot, as Iggy gets out of the car and chills with Jennifer’s cop character like she didn’t just help her boyfriend break out of jail. But just as Iggy thinks everything’s cool, Jennifer spins her around and cuffs her and it definitely feels like justice.

Check out the “Trouble” video above!

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Singles : Big Sean : All Your Fault ft. Kanye West

Singles : Big Sean : All Your Fault ft. Kanye West

Listen To : Big Sean : All Your Fault

Big Sean and his mentor Kanye West linked up again for "All Your Fault." Just based off the song's teaser, we could tell this track was going to be a monster jam -- and it is. "All Your Fault" boasts a dark, thumping beat, but Kanye is back to being irreverent (and fun!) on his verse, comparing himself to Michael Jackson and referencing Tom Cruise, as he does. Auto-tuned lullabies are nice, but we missed this Kanye. Big Sean also shines on the track and his latest effort, Dark Sky Paradise -- featuring more Kanye and John Legend on the heartfelt "One Man Can Change the World" and Drake on "Blessings" -- is shaping up to be a serious album. Listen to "All Your Fault," above. Dark Sky Paradise is out since February, 24.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Gear : Watches : URWERK UR-110

Gear : Watches : URWERK UR-110

The appeal of a luxury timepiece has little to do with being able to tell the time. They are signifiers of status, wealth and taste (or the lack of it) and the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars/pounds/euros that they cost can be justified to some extent by the use of precious metals and gemstones, or the history of hundreds of years of artisanal craftsmanship that some brands possess. Then there is a whole other level of horology that transcends even these considerations. Where "value" is judged in a similar way to modern art. Where timepieces are created in strictly limited numbers around a unique conceptual design using cutting-edge materials and extraordinary mechanical skill. Urwerk is a Swiss watchmaker that has prospered at these lofty heights for ten years and its latest creation admirably demonstrates the attributes required of these astonishingly expensive mechanical masterpieces.

The UR-110 ZrN Torpedo is the rarest incarnation of Urwek's UR-110 model with only 12 being manufactured. The ZrN designation refers to the fact that the case top surface is vapor-deposited with Zirconium Nitride, an extremely hard and corrosion resistant coating usually only used in industrial tooling. Urwerk describes the effect thus, in the usual flowery prose that accompanies products at this level: "Reflecting an ethereal pale yellow light from its incredibly tough surface, this new timepiece in the horological firmament was designated UR-110 ZrN, aka 'the Champagne Supernova'". Yes quite.

The UR-110 series movement is unique, though a development of the Urwerk "orbiting satellite" concept first seen in the UR-103 of 2003. The "complication" (or gimmick if you like) of these movements is that the time is fully readable using only a 120 degree arc of the face. The idea in the original 103 design was to be able to tell the time whilst driving without taking your hand off the wheel. With the 110, the dial arc is oriented in the direction of the hand so that you can discreetly tell the time by poking out a small portion of the watch from the cuff of your (hand-made) shirt. These justifications are pure nonsense of course but they have motivated some extraordinary miniature engineering.

The visible part of the movement comprises a central bearing about which three satellite "torpedoes" rotate. The torpedoes consist of a pointer and a square-section barrel. On each of the four faces of the three barrels is an hour number, making twelve in all. The torpedoes sweep past the 120 degree arc that shows the minutes, one after another, with the barrels rotating to show the correct hour. Clever. The new development on the 110 series is that the torpedoes are contra-rotated so that they always face the same direction. There is a video on the Urwerk site that demonstrates the movement in action.

Added complications to the movement include a seconds indicator, a day/night indicator and an "oil change" indicator. Yes, you have to send off the watch for servicing every few years. On the reverse of the watch glass windows display the two miniature "turbines" that use air pressure to regulate the self-winding mechanism and reduce strain on the movement.

If you really have to know the price it's US$135,000 (€100,000/£85,000).

We have no "need" of mechanical timepieces. For telling the time look no further than a 99 cent plastic LCD from China. For precision, the timer in the GPS chip of your smartphone is by far the most accurate and up to date timepiece that you possess. Should the analog readability of a dial be desired then there are thousands of cheap quartz wristwatches that are surprisingly accurate and run for years on a single battery. But all that is beside the point. Timepieces at this level are works of engineering art and you don't need to have the means to purchase them to be able to appreciate their existence.

Purchase here.

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Cars : Aston Martin Vulcan Supercar

Cars : Aston Martin Vulcan Supercar

Built exclusively for the race track, the Aston Martin Vulcan is an enticing look at the company's future. It's powered by a 7.0-liter V12 producing over 800hp, that's paired to a mid-mounted Xtrac six-speed sequential shift gearbox. It also features a carbon fiber monocoque and body that were styled entirely in-house, with a look that foreshadows future production models. Limited to just 24 examples worldwide, it's also compliant with all relevant FIA race safety requirements, so all you need to do is hop in and drive.

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Interviews : Kodaline And The New Video

Interviews : Kodaline And The New Video

Currently on tour in Europe, with more UK dates in March, Kodaline release their anthemic new single 'The One' out April 12th on RCA Victor Records.

Produced by Jacknife Lee, 'The One' is the second single to be released from Top 5 UK album 'Coming Up For Air' following the Radio 1 and Radio 2 playlisted 'Honest'.

Bereft of a wedding present for their sound engineer, vocalist Steve Garrigan thought rather than heading to John Lewis he would write the happy couple a song. 'Like an idiot, I left writing it until the night before,' he recalls. 'Singing it the next day was the scariest thing I've ever done, much more nerve-wracking than standing in front a festival crowd.'

A highlight of their recent sold out show at The Roundhouse, 'The One' was never intended to be heard after its original airing. However, one night on tour, the band agreed to let a fan up on stage to propose to his girlfriend and decided to dust down the song. When fan footage of the performance started spreading on YouTube, it became obvious they had to record it.

Kodaline have spent much of the 12 months working on their new album with the new songs developing on the trademark sound that made their 2013 debut 'A Perfect World' a top 3 smash, selling 230,000 copies in the UK. After their sold out UK tour dates in March the band head out on a huge US tour.

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