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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bars : Canada : Calgary : AB : Vin Room

Bars : Canada : Calgary : AB : Vin Room 

About Vin Room
Wines are as unique and individual as the people who enjoy them. With this concept in mind, the Vin Room proudly offers a setting for people to explore a collection of wines as diverse as themselves. Explore what the Vin Room has to offer you below and discover wine your way.

Stocked with over 100 wines by the taste, we encourage our guests to experience and learn about wine through sampling. By sampling wine by the ounce or by the glass, you can enjoy the freedom of being able to explore multiple wines before committing to a bottle or glass purchase.

We encourage our guests to approach wine sampling with adventure and independence. Like well traveled guides, our experienced staff is always on hand to answer your questions.

Vin Room Review By Janna L. : Calgary, AB Canada
Easy to get to on 4th and easy to find parking in Mission on the nearby streets.

I had not been here before but anything that serves Tapas - I am in, a nosher I am!!!! Good suggestion by my dining partner as usually he wants me to initiate where we go!

Walked in - lack of hostess at the stand for a few min - not good - hate standing there at the front when people are seated and eating, trying to relax. 2 hostesses came then at the same time, menus were grabbed and up to a 2nd level we went! This place is like a renovated house that must have cost a fortune to open up into what it has become. The interior is clean and well decorated, just stunning - chandeliers, jaw dropping! 

The second level has a very dark, fancy "vampirey" (as described to me but I agree somewhat) feel to it. It could have used some splashes of red maybe on the walls but it was a really cool room. The music was Depeche Mode style throughout the whole dinner. I could take or leave that.

Our server Christian was a doll. A fellow foodie he was and he had no problem telling us our 3 tapas choices were his absolute faves and he talked about his favourite wines as well. Even brought us a light sample of red zin to try on the house. Classy.

We ordered
1 - Lobster tacos (thanks to some reviews on here (*thanks guys and dolls*) and they did not disappoint. FRESH tortilla chips and yummy hot sauce on top)
2 - Lamb Skewers (to die for, we forget to cook lamb at home these days and I miss it - melt in your mouth lamb on a bed of cooked spinach in a curry like sauce)
3 - Seared Scallops (OMG! Ony get 2 on the plate but the broth it comes with is MMMMM - great seasoning on everything and the scallops were cooked to perfection!)

We also ordered some bread and smoked butter ($3) and 2 glasses of Malbec ($10 each, not bad)
We also ordered a dessert! A chocolate torte, not on the menu - sooo good. All desserts with the exception of the gelato are made in house! All desserts $9.

Service was good, friendly as mentioned but slow at times getting food and dessert out. The upstairs was busy so I am not sure if Christian was slow due to the kitchen but...  the food was so carefully prepped and delicious, it was worth the wait.

The restaurant focuses on LOCAL goods and SEASONAL dishes. 
$71.40 before tip and this was was incredible value in my opinion for what we got including wine!
Thanks Vin, I left a Happy Cat and we will be back!

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Address 2310 4th Street SW, Calgary, AB T2S 1X2 | Phone (403) 457-5522

Photos : Big K.R.I.T.

Photos : Big K.R.I.T.

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Gear : Watches : Omate Lutetia

Gear : Watches : Omate Lutetia

It’s a discussion we’ve had time and time again here at shinyshiny HQ: Are the recent wearable releases REALLY designed with women in mind? The square faces, huge chunky straps and dull designs would suggest no. Well, meet the Lutetia. Designed by women and for women, this shiny gadget aims to be the ultimate smartwatch for the early-adopting female market. But will it just be a bit too style over substance?

Take a look at the fancy-named Lutetia in all its glory above. According to Engadget, the device is produced by Omate and comes in three colours (rose gold, gold and silver) in stainless steel with a slinky beaded effect strap. Like the brand’s Omate X, the new wearable is powered by MediaTek’s Aster MT2502 platform, which means it can be paired with both Android and iOS devices and its battery will last a whole week.

If you’re a bit sick of every other tech publication solely focusing on how this new smartwatch looks (*puts hand up hurriedly*), then you might be a bit disappointed to find out Lutetia isn’t a standalone device, but then again few smart watches on the market are. Having said that, the Lutetia will notify you of everything going on on your phone, as well as housing a built-in pedometer, stopwatch, timer and a range of voice control features.

We’ll have to review the Lutetia ourselves here at shinyshiny before we can make any judgements about whether it truly is a capable smartwatch and whether it truly appeals to women. But right now I must admit I’m a little torn. It’s great to see the female market being properly considered by a smartwatch brand, but the style just seems a little too OTT, as if loads of dudes have been asked what kind of thing women like ‘ermmm… beady things and ermmm… gold, right’ when really we all play sport, want a durable device and need something that fits all scenarios – just like men do.

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Mixtapes : Curren$y : More Saturday Night Car Tunes

Mixtapes : Curren$y : More Saturday Night Car Tunes

Listen To Curren$y : More Saturday Night Car Tunes

Curren$y - More Saturday Night Car Tunes EP

Curren$y hits us with a second installment of "Saturday Night Car Tunes".

This Summer, Curren$y surprised us with an EP titled Saturday Night Car Tunes, a mixtape made up of late night cruising tracks, suitably dropped on a Saturday evening. It seems he's got quite a stash of these type of tracks, as tonight he's pulled the exact same stunt, blessing us with 7 new tracks on a project titled More Saturday Night Car Tunes.

This one features some big guest appearances from Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. Grab the first installment here if you haven't already.

01. Intro
02. Champagne Reign
03. Countin Money Feat. Wiz Khalifa
04. Money Shot Feat. Mac Miller
05. Drug Prescription
06. Callin
07. Terrace

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News : Apple To Roll Beats Music Into iTunes

News : Apple To Roll Beats Music Into iTunes

Last month I reported that Apple would shut down Beats Music and likely add streaming music to iTunes. Apple denied, specifically, that Beats Music would be shut down.

Shortly thereafter, ‘unnamed sources familiar with the matter’ conveniently surfaced to engage in a battle of semantics about whether Apple might modify Beats Music over time, including its brand.

As we noted at the time, that was another way of saying Beats Music would get rolled into iTunes. And that’s just what the Wall Street Journal, (I’m sure they just forgot to cite us) is reporting today. “Apple is rebuilding Beats Music and plans to relaunch it next year as part of iTunes, according to a person familiar with the matter.”


As I reported before the Beats acquisition became official, iTunes executives wanted to acquire Beats Music because they knew that music download sales were plummeting, and it needed a way to gracefully transition into streaming. And lo and behold, the WSJ writes “Digital music sales at Apple Inc. ’s iTunes store have fallen 13% to 14% world-wide since the start of the year, according to people familiar with the matter, underscoring the fragility of the music industry’s nascent recovery.”

With download sales cratering and streaming coming up quick, Apple needed to get serious about streaming before Spotify, Google Music, and Deezer got a bigger lead. So rather than pour investment into Beats Music, which only had 250,000 people signed up for paid subscriptions as of May, it will roll streaming into iTunes, which has 800 million users and 400 million credit cards on file.

Apple doesn’t have to make money on music. It’s just a loss leader for or way to entice sales of its high-margin iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and iMacs. That, combined with its industry clout, means when it relaunches iTunes with streaming, it may be able to negotiate a much cheaper subscription rate, such as $5 a month rather than the $10 Spotify charges.

A cheap price, a massive built-in user base, and Apple hardware as a vector for distribution could make an iTunes streaming service tough to compete with.

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Videos : Gwen Stefani : Baby Don't Lie

Videos : Gwen Stefani : Baby Don't Lie

he lead single off Voice coach Gwen Stefani's untitled album, "Baby Don't Lie," was supposed to be released tomorrow, but someone leaked it today. The song was written by Gwen Stefani along with Noel Zancanella, Benny Blanco, and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. Interscope has been dutifully taking down the audio clips, but you can still hop on over to this link if you want to listen to it — or just wait 24 hours or so for the official drop.

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Singles : Drake : How About Now

Singles : Drake : How About Now

Listen To : Seven Lions : Worlds Apart

Can we talk about Drake today? Can we talk about his new song, “How About Now?” It’s no secret how much I love Drake. He’s the “realest” out there to me. Real in the sense that I think he truly sticks to rapping about the basic elements of his life. Sometimes he tries a little too hard to be a G, but for the most part he’s not selling an alternate image of himself. I’m looking at you, Rick Ross.

I especially love emo Drake. And this song is the epitome of emo. Drake is Captain emo on this one. Giving all the feels!

First, the song starts with a voice mail message (that has you like is that Nicki Minaj or nah) from a woman who is accusing Drake of basically dissing and dismissing her. Then we go into the song where Drake is of course talking to a woman from his past, from his pre-fame, pre-the good life. He raps/sing songs about all of the things that he did for a woman – drove through the snow for her when she had to take the bar exam? Check! – and how she wasn’t really checking for him at the time. But how about now? Girl, how about now? Now that he’s famous and a superstar. Plus, as with most Drake songs, the beat is on point.

Listen. This song is greatness because who hasn’t had a ‘how about now’ moment. We are in the throes of cuffing season and those hey stranger texts and phone calls are rolling in. Former boos who played you or didn’t appreciate you might be looking across the way, checking you out, now that they see all you have to offer. Too bad, so sad that you missed out on all this greatness at the time.

Now admittedly, it’s kind of petty to count all of the things that you used to do for a person. But hey, just add me to the Tom Petty club right alongside with Drake who’s not only a member, he’s the President. When you give a lot of yourself to a person and your deeds and actions go unappreciated at the time, but then that person tries to come back into your life? Oooooooo, talk about the ultimate ego boost. Can’t help but do a little shimmy and shake in their face.

This song will be on repeat for this fall/winter season. Settle into it. And if you have experienced a ‘how about now’ moment in your dating/relationship lifetime, turn up the volume and sing along.

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