Thursday, January 24, 2013

Video : Justin Timberlake Feat. Jay-Z : Suit & Tie Lyric Video

 Video : Justin Timberlake Feat. Jay-Z : Suit & Tie Lyric Video

Welp, looks like Justin Timberlake got us again. In the wee hours of this Thursday morning, JT dropped the full version of his "Suit & Tie" lyric video not even a full day after taunting us with this delicious teaser. We were surprised as it was to see Timberlake actually starring in the lyric video (clad in swoon-worthy Tom Ford BTW), but the full version is way exceeding our expectations. While there's no Jay-Z cameo (and accordingly, JT would be right to save that for the official music video) nor is there a fitting room montage à la The Sweetest Thing, there are a HEFTY number of outfit changes. Thus, we're breaking this bad boy down look by look — our first lyric video!

DAG NAB IT, JUSTIN. I thought we told you you didn't need fedoras anymore??? We suppose it's part of your signature steez, and it lends to the classic Sinatra/Rat Pack thing you're embodying both with your career and this song in particular, but man... Truthfully, you don't need them. In the same breath, you've definitely done worse, so I guess we'll suck this one up.

First of all, let's note that Justin wears a styling cape when he shaves. Preach. Second, even that cape is fly. Church. (Read More)

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