Thursday, September 19, 2013

Documentary : Rihanna's 'Half Of Me' (Official Documentary)

Documentary : Rihanna's 'Half Of Me' (Official Documentary)

Rihanna has made an emotional short film documentary dedicated to her fans while admitting that she "owes everything" to her Navy.

The 'Stay' singer unveiled Half Of Me this week, directed by Ron Howard, that follows her on her current 'Diamonds' world tour as well as retelling the stories of some of her most dedicated fans.

The documentary sees Rihanna giving a powerful tribute message to her dedicated fan base, and says she always loves getting feedback from them on new songs or projects.

"Everything that I've acquired and everything that I've accomplished, I really owe that to my fans," Rihanna explains in the new short film. "It's really them that made it happen so they mean a lot to me.

"My fans, they mean everything to me, I love getting feedback from my fans," she continued. 'They're honest and you want to hear what they're thinking, what they think about your stuff."

View a picture of Rihanna out shooting new latest video below (Credit: Instagram):

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